Celluma LED Therapy Treatments

Are you looking to take your skin care treatments to the next level? Safe and effective LED (Light Emitting Diode) phototherapy is a highly versatile form of light therapy that can be used as a powerful stand-alone or as an add-on facial treatment. Blue, red and near-infrared are the most commonly used wavelengths in LED phototherapy. Research has shown that blue light penetrates through the outer layer of skin (epidermis) and is known to destroy acnes bacteria (the cause of acne). Red light penetrates into the dermal layer, and has been shown to enhance collagen and elastin production (the proteins in connective tissue that help skin stay plump and “snap back” into shape when stretched.) The results of phototherapy have shown: an increase in circulation, accelerated tissue repair, the killing of acne bacteria, a decrease in inflammation, and improvement in skin tone, texture and clarity. The simple yet powerful Celluma Pro device can treat acne or aging skin in quick 30 minute treatments, or be added on to a 30 minute facial. Best results are obtained in a series of two 30 minute treatments per week, for 6-8 weeks. A Celluma treatment is simple and painless: lay back, relax with protective eye goggles, and let the lights do the work!


My favorite services that I provide are my classic European facials. Not only are they relaxing, but they provide excellent benefits to the skin, as well. Each facial includes a cleanse and exfoliation (usually under warm steam), toner, serums, moisturizer and sunscreen. They vary from the most pampering, 90 minutes, to a quick pick-me-up of 45 minutes. I use products from the wonderful PCA Skin skin care line in my backbar, as well as offer them for retail to my clients. Whatever your skin issue: dry, oily, acne-prone, sensitive, I have a facial that will address your skin’s specific needs.

Chemical Peels

Are you looking for a little deeper exfoliation for your skin? PCA Skin chemical peels could be the answer. Stubborn acne, fine lines and wrinkles, lack-luster skin, and hyperpigmentation can often benefit from these gentle yet effective professional peels. I even have a peel for sensitive skin! A pre-peel consultation is required for all chemical peel services, and I usually recommend a facial a week or two prior to any peel, to see how your skin tolerates PCA Skin products. I offer Jessner’s, TCA, lactic acid and glycolic acid peels and peel-alternative treatments.


I do expert head-to-toe waxing, using high quality hard and soft waxes. From eyebrow shaping, to back and chest, to traditional and extended bikini, to full arm or leg waxing, I can help you achieve the silky smooth skin you desire, without the pesky bumps associated with shaving. And waxing lasts weeks longer!

Makeup Application

Do you have a special event that you would like to get a little dolled-up for? Maybe a big night out, party, prom or other special occasion? I can create a look with just the right amount of glamour to help you feel your prettiest. False lashes are available as an add-on, to take your look to another level of gorgeous!